Add EPUB generator on Android apps

Can you add generate EPUB on your Android app? I’ve been using your chrome extension for years and that really helps me reading my webnovel on my phone. Sadly I don’t have any kindle hardware whatsoever.

I really like if I can use same feature just like your chrome extension on your Android app.


I’ve suggested this almost immediately myself.
They said they were ‘considering’ it.
I think it will be a bit harder to implement on Android over iOS though. Apple supplies a toolkit to developers that allows direct folder access.
Android is so fragmented at the moment I’m not sure it could work. Maybe if they targeted the prime players’ versions, Samsung, LG, via the playstore default kits?

I know it’s possible though. I know one app can do it, “kind of”. It was GrabMyEbook. But it haven’t been updated for years, its UI is just pure trash, and sometimes it didn’t work on some websites. I like Push2Kindle for its simplicity.

Thanks for the suggestion. As Lostinlodos says, we’re looking into this for both Android and iOS. On Android, we’ve offered a ‘Save to SD card’ feature for a long time - which, I think in recent Android versions simply saves to internal storage. We save it in a ‘kindle’ folder which the Amazon Kindle app on Android looks inside for ‘side loaded’ documents. That still works. It gets loaded in the Kindle library. But on the device it’s just a MOBI file with a cryptic filename, so not really intended for the user to access directly.

Offering a regular epub/mobi download would be useful. So we’ll definitely see what we can do here.