Add a fixed value/string in Item Description Selector

Hello hello,

For each item in my feed, I wanted a fixed value/string (i.e. “From CNN”) to be in the item description.

How can I do that?

If not, is it possible to get the feed title into each feed item description?

I am not using creator that often, but I think, that the description selector field just takes a simple XPath selector. If your are using a self-hosted Fulltext-RSS (also from fivefilters) you can change the title field by editing the site_config(s) of e.g.:
title: concat('from CNN: ', //meta[@property="og:title"]/@content)
Don’t sure, if this will be able with ‘body’ (description) too.

In Feed Creator you can set your own feed title after activating “Show additional options”

if we are talking about, you know, that they already have rss feeds?
choose at:

While I could understand that one doesn’t like them. Because some of it’s items don’t link to an article, but a new section. e.g. contains items with title “Germany” and “Russia” which only leads to an overview of country related stories.

But you can filter these by using feed creators “Filter and merge RSS” section, e.g.:
remove filter: ?utm_source=section

@DavidMarks if it is not about, you should post a link or get more concrete. What is your intended workflow?

This is not yet possible with Feed Creator. We may add support for it in the future.