Ability to turn of the URL at the end of the document


thank you for a great tool that I am using daily for many documents. I really appreciate your work.

However, there is a thing that really annoys me. In “Keep links?” description you mention you always keep the clickable link at the end of document. For me, this is not really useful and I would like to be able disable this option.


I understand that it is useful to have the reference to the original document somewhere, but I don’t see myself opening the link ever in Kindle. The thing is, statistically, in lots of documents it appears at the top of last page so:

  1. You have to click once more to label the document as Read for the document to be filtered from the library.
  2. It is too close to the edge of the screen and it makes it very easy to slip with the finger and press the link instead of invoking the menu. This is really annoying as the web browser opens up really slow and makes Kindle unusable for many seconds and it takes a while to get back as clumsily demonstrated in the video:
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Thanks for considering to find a solution!


Hi Marek, thanks for the suggestion. We’ll see if we can add an option for this in settings in a future update.

You’re the best!