9to5google doesn't show all images

Please check this story


While FTR shows the first image, it doesn’t show the rest of the images in the story. From the source code, it looks like they are embedding some sort of gallery for these images.

Could you please create a proper config file for this site?

config is online, please retry

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Thanks. Works great.


Could you please check Android Central RSS feed as well? Its situation is also very similar to 9to5Google - the embedded images using some sort of gallery are not loading in FTR.


@naveenjn could you post some direct links of articles with image galeries? On my first short look, I just found two or three articles with not shown animated gif, which are loaded from external cdn. I might find some time tonight (Europe), to have a more closer look on AC.

I found an article with gallery. Unfortunately I found out, that the image URLs are pasted-in by JavaScript. So I don’t see a way, we could have these in FullText-RSS. Sorry.

The src-field of <img> just contains a generic placeholder-image

<figure class="image-wrapped__wrapper" data-bordeaux-image-check="false">
    <div class="image-wrapped__widthsetter" style="max-width:480px">
        <div class="image-wrapped__aspect-padding" style="padding-bottom:125%">
            <div data-hydrate="true">
                <div class="lazy-observed">
                    <img src="https://vanilla.futurecdn.net/cyclingnews/media/img/missing-image.svg" alt="An example of MyRadar's weather information on a mobile device." class="image-wrapped__image image__image">
    <figcaption class="caption-credit__figcaption">
        <span class="caption-credit__credit" itemprop="copyrightHolder">

But I could manage to activate the animated gifs on some articles.

Ah ok. Wonder why people go through such complicated measures just to display a bunch of images.