3.2 extract.php versus existing makefulltextfeed.php

Before upgrading and testing 3.3 (I’m on 3.1), does the new endpoint extract.php replace the existing makefulltextfeed.php? With the result being a new type of json output? Or should does the makefulltextfeed.php with the json setting produce the “full” json output and you should only use extract.php if you want the new easier to parse json output? I was just a little confused on how extract.php fits into the existing call library.


Hi Paul, thanks for the question.

The reason for extract.php is simply to provide a new endpoint that’s easier for new users to start with. If your intention is only to extract content from web articles, not feeds, it’s easier to get your head around the parameters of extract.php. Implementation wise, it simply sets a few flags and pulls in makefulltextfeed.php to do the rest.

Both endpoints are available in 3.3 - extract.php does not replace makefulltextfeed.php, so existing applications relying on makefulltextfeed.php should not be affected by this particular change.

Yes, you should still use makefulltextfeed.php for the full json. And extract.php if you want the simpler output.

Hope that’s some help.