why Not display pictures on the feed ?

i’m using fivefilters script but i have an issue for use this
part of time this script can display picturs on the main text , but in part of time this is can not display pictures in some of feed URL
for example in the this address :

it is a feed address for a category of a news site , i chek this URL with an another script an that show images on the text but fivefilters script not display they
is there any way for show pictures ?

can i conect you with email address that you check evry time ?
i am an iranian and i am sorry if my English language is low

also this is my email address i check this evry time, if you can or want contact me with email address pleas use this : hedayati.f@gmail.com

ehsan hedayati

Hi Ehsan, images are often removed because of the HTML structure of the page. If you’re using a self-hosted version of Full-Text RSS, you can write a site config for the site. The site config can be used to either disable pruning (the clean up routine which attempts to remove unrelated elements) or if the image is contained in an element that’s not being extracted, to select that element.

If you’ve purchased Full-Text RSS from us, we can write the site config file for you - simply send in a request to help@fivefilters.org.

when i use fivefilters
i have an issue for use this
the pictures on the feed Not display
even in standard site in site_config/standard/
but in the fivefilters.org pictures on the feed display
for example : www.alriyadh.com/section.main.xml
in my site is do not show but in fivefilters.org show
please Help me
beacause www.alriyadh.com exist as standard site in site_config/standard/
and i confounded by this problem

i am Regret for bad English language


Hi Reza, are you using Full-Text RSS 3.1? If so, can you email us (help@fivefilters.org) with the URL to your copy of Full-Text RSS so we can look into this?