where are articles on Kindle

Where on the Kindle do the Push to Kindle go? In other words where can I find the articles I have clipped using thus app?

Hi Anthony, the articles should appear wherever your personal documents (Docs) appear on your Kindle. Depending on the device you’re using, the location and steps to access it may vary. For example, the articles might appear on your Kindle home screen, if you sent the article to the email address of the device you’re holding in your hand. If they don’t, you should (1) look for and open Personal Documents or Docs within the Kindle app, (2) open the ‘Cloud’ category (which should show you articles that have not yet been downloaded to your device), and (3) select the article to have it downloaded to your device. (You might have to force a ‘Sync’ or ‘Sync & check for items’ from the options menu before your new articles show up.)

If you’re not sure whether the articles you’re sending via our service are reaching your account, I would suggest you see our Troubleshooting help page: http://help.fivefilters.org/customer/portal/articles/1292971-troubleshooting

If they’re reaching your account and you need specific instructions for accessing them, I suggest you look at Amazon’s Kindle help pages: http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html/ref=hp_left_ac?ie=UTF8&nodeId=200127470 and search for ‘personal documents’.

Hope that’s some help. Feel free to reply if you still have trouble.