Unexplained "Problem sending" errors from iOS app

I often get a big X and “problem sending” error when using Push to Kindle from the Share Sheet in iOS (both older versions and now iOS 15) and multiple browsers (Edge, Safari). Is this just a site-specific problem? Is there any fix other than posting here? For example, I just got the error when trying to push-to-kindle from this URL: Killing Eve gets going with a bang, or rather, a meticulous hairpin murder

Thank you for reporting this. We did have trouble with AVClub.com articles in our mobile apps, this should now be fixed.

Our desktop browser extensions handle articles differently, so sometimes you’ll have better results if the mobile app fails (although we’re always working to improve extraction in both). It’s also possible to use the article extraction method used by our desktop apps on mobile too, but the setup is a little bit more invovled: Push to Kindle bookmarklet - FiveFilters.org

Please do let us know if you have any more trouble with Push to Kindle and we’ll be happy to take a look.