Unable to retreive image for the most important feed source


We purchased your script to make it possible to retreive full content especially for this source: http://www.menara.ma/fr/rss/sports-ar.xml

unfortunately, the script does not show images and full text. So we made a huge effort, to write a custom file, but we only have been able to retrieve the text. See bellow the code we used the the file we placed in standard site_config:

body: //div[@class='content']//div[@class='field-item even']//img[contains(@src, "photos")]

The image in the source site, is placed like this:

Please, help, it’s so important and urgent!! that’s the only important feed for us.


A few tips that might help:

  • You’re currently telling Full-Text RSS to retrieve an image element - no text. If you want both, select a parent element that contains both. Alternatively select multiple elements, e.g. body: //div[@id=‘image-section’] | //div[@id=‘text-section’]
  • Add prune:no in the site config file to ensure auto cleanup doesn’t remove elements you want to keep
  • The site config file for this site should be named menara.ma.txt
  • The way your browser parses the HTML and creates the DOM tree might not match the way Full-Text RSS sees it - so don’t assume elements will be nested in the same way they’re nested in your browser.

Due to the many requests for custom site config files we receive, we’ve had to limit the number of requests we accept. Currently we offer to write one custom site config file for customers. In your case, our records show you have already requested and received a custom site config file for a different site. If you’d like us to look into this issue and create a site config file for this site, please use the purchase form here: http://fivefilters.org/content-only/custom_site_patterns.php