rss source that requires_login

Digging through ftr-site-config repo, I found sites which require login in order to let you download your full articles like

There are entries like:

requires_login: yes
login_username_field: Username
login_password_field: Password

Can this be used in full-text-rss?

These are ignored by Full-Text RSS at the moment, but we might add support for them in the future.

The site config files are also used by the popular Wallabag application, which does make use of those lines. Their users and developers contribute a lot of site config files to the repository, so that’s where they come from.

Just use cookies instead.

How would I do that?
(1) Login into my account on my desktop browser.
(2) Exporting the session cookie.
(3) writing a custom config?

Could you give me a hint how (3) would look like?

I just figured it out, I had to insert an additional line in
http_header(cookie): LWNSession1=mysessioncookie

Yes, that looks right. Of course if the site expires the cookie you’ll have to do that again, but that’s one way to do it until we add support for login details or introduce some other way to handle sites that require a login.