Returning all the information from a short feed.

FTR does a great job of returning the full-text data from a page in an element called “description”, but how do you make FTR also return the existing elements that were in the short RSS feed. For example, if there was an element in the short feed called “subtitle”, how do you force FTR to include that element in the feed results?

Hi Dorian, it’s not possible to force Full-Text RSS to do that. We do try to look for certain common elements, e.g. enclosures, in the original feed and insert them into the new feed we generate, but we don’t do this with everything. If the element you want to preserve is part of some standard, or in common use, we might be able to add support for it. If you give us an example feed, and the element you’d like preserved, we can take a look.

Hi, I want this too, for example. I have this feed:

When I put on FiveFilters, the is removed. There is some way to not remove the section from rss feed?

Andre Macola

Hi Andre, I’m going to look into this. Thanks for the report.

Any news about it?

Andre Macola

Hi Andre, we’ll be preserving a few more elements from the original RSS feed in the next release of Full-Text RSS, and the category element will be one of them. Thanks for reporting.