Paragraph limit

I’m using the self-hosted version on a user submitted news site and would like to limit the total amount of content added to a feed article. I’ve searched the forum(s) and the closest topic I found was I see that .pdf’s can be limited and was wondering if the same could be done for converted rss feeds.

Hi Jacob, it may be possible to limit the number of paragraphs added for a particular site - by creating a custom site config file. However it is currently not possible to apply this globally to all sites processed. If it’s for one particular site, feel free to reply with a URL or email us and we’ll see if we can help.

After looking at a few news rss feeds, would be a good starting point. I uses labeled

tags like paragraph1, paragraph2, etc. I know php, but I’m new to using fivefilters and if you could make an example config file, I could probably make custom site files modeled after it.