no-name and empty feeds


I just tried Full Text RSS V2.9.5 on Synology and the V3.2 that I just bought on OSX Maverick.
Both leads to the same result : no name and empty feeds

Can you help me ? I didn’t find any install manual, and can’t find what I did wrong.

Here is my conf on OSX:
Your version of Full-Text RSS: 3.2 (Full-Text RSS version check :You’re running the latest version!)
Your version of Site Patterns: 2014-04-24T15:12:56Z (Site Patterns version : Your site config files are up to date!)

In the compatibility test, I only miss Tidy, which shouldn’t prevent Full text rss to work

Full-Text RSS 3.2: Compatibility Test:
Test Should Be What You Have
PHP 5.2.0 or higher 5.5.10
XML Enabled Enabled, and sane
PCRE Enabled Enabled
Zlib Enabled Enabled
mbstring Enabled Enabled
iconv Enabled Enabled
Data filtering Enabled Enabled
Tidy Enabled Disabled
cURL Enabled Enabled
Parallel URL fetching Enabled Enabled
allow_url_fopen Enabled Enabled

I have created a custom_config.php to set an admin password, to access the admin area and update patterns

Now, when I create a feed with, it launches my rss reader (on OSX or only ipad), and I have a no-name and empty feed.
Generated URL is http://localhost:8888/FTR/makefulltextfeed.php? Feed

When I check the “debug” check box, it seems to be ok, and the JSON returns text

When I try with Full text rss on the official with site, it works correctly

What did I do wrong ? I really want to be able to use your software that I find useful (hense bought)

Best Regard,

Thanks for buying Full-Text RSS, Francois.

If the JSON is being produced, and the debug output looks okay, then it might be the XSL file which we use to render the feed. As far as I know it’s only used by Chrome - is that what you’re using to view the results? If so, try right-clicking on the blank page you get after clicking ‘Create Feed’ and select ‘view page source’. See if the source shows the RSS output. If it does, make sure the css/ folder and the feed.xsl file is accessible on your server.

Let us know if you still have trouble.