New here, just need a way to extract text only

Hi, new here, so hello :slight_smile:

Am using this via a plugin but I assume the instructions are still valid as your code is behind the plugin.

I want to pull in feeds, but I want them without any kind of formatting inserted. The results come back with <li> commands and <li readability="2"> <span> and a bunch of others. Ideally I’d like none of those.

I just want the content surrounded by <pre class="EnlighterJSRAW" data-enlighter-language="generic"> and </pre> at the end. If that’s at all possible.

Oh and doing so, it would be an amazing solution to a problem I’ve had for a long while.

Hi there, we don’t develop the plugin so I suggest you direct the question to the plugin developer.

Recent versions of Full-Text RSS allow you to request the content as plain text (ie. no HTML tags) in the RSS output instead of HTML. Perhaps that’s what you’re after if you’re trying to place the output inside a <pre> element.

That’s what we use behind the scenes at


All questions about formatting he refers people to here, which is why I posted here. When you say recent versions of Full text RSS is that another application? I can live without the <pre> elements as long as I can fetch the content in without the extra html. Can always code something to add the pre tags afterwards.

Thanks for your reply.

Full-Text RSS is our product. It appears to be the component used in this WordPress plugin. Full-Text RSS isn’t really designed to provide optimal formatting. Its main focus is article extraction. You can remove HTML elements and attributes but then you’d have to create your own site configuration files for the site in question. I don’t know how much support there is for that in this plugin, so all I can do is point you to our own documentation on it.

Beyond that, you should do additional processing on the output in the consuming application. That’s what we do with PDF Newspaper and Push to Kindle (some of our other web apps).