missing content parts, https://www.wysokieobcasy.pl


On this page is missing part of content showed only for logged members.

After paragraph, < p class=“art_paragraph”>…< /p>
Will be added new div section, < div class=“paywall”>…full article content…< /div>

HTML code:

<p clas    s="art_paragraph">...<p>
<h4 class="art_interview_question"></h4>
<p class="art_paragraph">...<p>
<div class="paywall">..full article content, after succes log in, missing in mobi export...</div>

Can you add this rule to your addon ?


Thank you for providing the HTML. It’s hard for us to test without access to the paywall, but we’ve a rule to extract the section element, which will hopefully grab the paywall element too: https://github.com/fivefilters/ftr-site-config/blob/master/wysokieobcasy.pl.txt

This might take a few hours to have effect, but if you still have trouble, please let us know.

Unfortunately, does not work.
How can I provide you password for my subscription ?

Hi there, thanks for the update. If you’re comfortable sharing that with us (or if you’re able to set the password to something temporary first and then change it back after we’ve tested) you can send it to fivefilters@fivefilters.org and we’ll see what we can do with supporting this in Push to Kindle.