Icon Missing

The icon keeps disappearing from the add-on bar. I’m using Firefox 7.0.1 on OS X Snow Leopard. It has been doing this for a while and would come back when I restarted Firefox, but now it never seems to come back. I can’t use the keyboard shortcut either because CMD+SHIFT+K opens Firefox’s web console.

Thanks for the report Jonathan. We haven’t been able to reproduce this but we’ve had this reported by a few others too, so we are working on an update. The next version will offer a toolbar button in addition to the addon-bar icon.

As for the keyboard shortcut problem, that’s the first I’ve heard of a conflict - will look into it.

Thanks again for reporting these.

Keyvan from FiveFilters.org

Until our update is ready, the only thing I can suggest is using our bookmarklet - dragging it to the Firefox bookmarks toolbar - as an alternative to the extension. It’s the yellow link on this page: http://fivefilters.org/kindle-it/

Same issue here, icon is missing:

Firefox 24.0
Windows 7
Push to kindle 1.5

As workaround I’m using the “bookmarklet”


Hi Adam, thanks for the report. Despite a few attempts to fix this issue, it appears it has not bee completely resolved. I think it conflicts with certain other addons, so I’m looking into this some more to see if I can find a solution. Will update here once I know more.

Dear Kevyan,

Any idea which other add-ons cause the conflict?

I am facing the same issue, too :

What I mean is : if I Exit FireFox and restart, I find that only the Push to Kindle shortcut has disappeared from the Bookmarks Toolbar (Readability and Evernote are still on there). This has been happening since at least Firefox version 24 (now 26).


Hi Vijay, unfortunately I still do not know the cause. It’s been difficult for us to reliably reproduce this problem. Debugging is also difficult because our Firefox extension relies on another tool to add the toolbar icon. Mozilla is working on a new interface for Firefox called Australis. It looks like adding toolbar buttons will be a little easier in this version, so our plans are to look into that. There’s some more information here: https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2013/12/12/australis-for-add-on-developers-1/