FeedReader with adjustable "Mobilizer"

Hi FiveFilters.org
knows your a feed reader for Android where I can set the “Mobilizer service” free? I have my own server and not like to go via Feed Address = “MyServer / makefulltextfeed.php? Url = [url]”, because then the management is very complicated.

Hi there, I’m afraid I don’t understand the question. Could you elaborate?

Sorry Keyvan about my english
for example:
RSSDaemon is a Feedreader for Android.
RSSDaemon uses Google or Instapaper to converts the normal feeds right into FullTextFeeds and shows them.
But i can’t switch to another Service (no google, no Instapaper).
I can state the feeds-url “MyServer/makefulltextfeed.php?Url=[feed-url]” and switch to “no converting”, but this is complicated.
Therfore i am Seeking a feed reader for android where you can set the Fulltextfeeder (FulltextfeedConverter).
Thanks and sorry ;o)


Sorry for the late reply to this - I thought I’d already answered.

It’s a good question, but unfortunately I’m not aware of a solution. We are thinking about creating a tool where you can paste a list of feeds, or an OPML file, for which we’ll create Full-Text RSS versions as a new OPML file. But this will be no use if the news software cannot open OPML files (I’m not sure if RSSDemon can).