Errors due to non-English feed URL?

Fantastic app - but with the new 2.9.1 version my Chinese language feeds aren’t being recognised - presumably because parts of the feed URL is in Chinese as opposed to unicode? Feed used to work fine with 2.8. The feed in question is Yahoo News HK (

Ken, thanks a lot for the report. I’m going to look into this today. Will update you when I know more.

Hi Ken, just an update to say that I was able to reproduce the problem. To fix, please open makefulltextfeed.php and comment out the following line:

$permalink = $http->validateUrl($permalink);

The URL is already sanitized at this point but this call ends up applying PHP’s more aggressive cleaning which is what’s stripping these characters.

Wow that was a quick fix, thanks for that!


No problem. Thanks for reporting. :slight_smile: This will be included in the next update too.