down for the last couple days?

hi! seems like push to kindle has been entirely down for at least the last couple days. the bookmarklet and web UI on hang at the “Preview…” progress indicator, and the Android app just fails. any updates on what’s going on, and if/when you expect it to be back up?

#hugops, thank you in advance!

false alarm; this turned out to be user error. i just needed to update my bookmarklet and android app, and it’s working fine again!

full details:

Nov 14, 02:43 EET

Hi Ryan,

We’ve been slowly updating the app and moving over to SSL the last few months. The Push to Kindle endpoints moved from to a few months ago. We updated our extensions and Android app to point to the new endpoint as part of the move.

Over the weekend, we enabled SSL sitewide on which caused a few issues for users still accessing the old endpoint. Those should all be fixed now.

Bit if you use the bookmarklet, please update it and replace ‘’ with ‘’ - everything after the URL should stay the same. And please make sure you’re using the updated Android app.

If you still have trouble, please let me know.