Does the iPad app come with unlimited articles?

Hi, I’m using Push to Kindle on several devices, including a Windows laptop and an Android phone. I recently acquired an iPad and notice that the app for iPad is a paid version. May I know if that means the iPad version comes with premium features, eg unlimited articles? If so, since it is connected to my account used on other devices, does that mean other devices will enjoy the same benefits too or it actually works differently? Thanks.

Hi there, thanks for the question.

There is a new version of the iPhone/iPad Push to Kindle app in the works. When we release that, it will work like our current Android app. That is, it will be free to download and use for up to 10 articles/month. More than that will require a subscription.

At the moment, the version we have requires a one-off payment. With the payment you will get unlimited sending but only with the app itself. So you won’t get unlimited sending on the other devices.

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