Differences between real article's address and RSS's address

First of all, these character of below is the korean character.

So, It could be error for rendering its webpages and RSS address.

Example RSS Address


in this RSS Address, link to the article is like


but, when it comes to use the full-text rss, it doesn’t works.

So, In this address “http://blog.naver.com/rail_europe/80157109530

And in that address, “iframe” tags are for real article of blog’s RSS.

like this

so, RSS’s address

http://blog.naver.com/rail_europe/80157109530 is

to http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=rail_europe&logNo=80157109530.

the contents of this page

beginning is

"div id=“postListBody”

and ending tag is

“div class=“post_footer_contents””

I know the full-text RSS is not available for cross adresses.

If it works, I’ll buy the full-text RSS.

Could you make it?

Thanks for your efforts

Hi Kihyen,

It’s possible to do with a custom site config file. You can use the single_page_link directive in the site config file for blog.naver.com to tell Full-Text RSS to follow the iframe URL.

If you decide to purchase, we can create this config file for you - just email us.

Hope that’s some help,