Content returns with special characters

I am using the feed reader to populate a wordpress site, but your reader keeps on returning special high-ascii value characters that are causing my inserts to fail.

For example the word “I’m” is changed to “I’m”

How can I stop this or work around it? I have tried stripping these characters from final output but cannot figure it out.


Hi Rick, can you post or email a URL which produces this result?

Ok. I have found it is not your problem, but what I need is:

  1. HTML output instead of XML output. The encoding of the page affects the process I have running it through the Simple DOM Parser, which produces the special characters.

  2. I need to get rid of the header that says “this is auto generated blah blah” and leave only the title and text of the article.

Please let me know how I can accomplish these 2 things.


Answered here