Code parts loading in only one line

Good afternoon, I am using Full-Text 3.5 to load some websites from a rss source
(You can use this feed for example
and I’m finding that the code blocks are formating in one single line with the

Could you tell me why it is and if there is some way to avoid it? =/

Thanks for reading my question and regards.

It could be because in the site are using span inside the tag code to color the different lines and the library does not know how to interpret it well?


Yes, this looks like it’s an issue with the HTML parsing done with the Gumbo extension we use. We reported a similar problem before. I’ll see if we can find a fix. In the mean time, you can request that Full-Text RSS uses the HTML5-PHP parser: &parser=html5php or remove ‘gumbo’ from the allowed parsers in the config file.

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll update again here when we know more.

This has been fixed with changes to Full-Text RSS 3.9.1. Would have affected you if you used our hosted service or if you set up your server using our server setup script. If you did that, you should set up the server again with our updated script.

Thanks for reporting this.